How telematics make your cars more connected

With the rise of the connected object, we now have access to a vast quantity of information through our smartphone. Satellite navigation, sports tracking, mobile Tv or daily health support. We all have already used telematics to improve our lifestyle. The Automotive industry is as well working on it with the connected and driverless cars to improve our driving experience (6 things you should know about the connected car).

Your car is on your phone.

By connecting our car through a telematics customers get access to a multitude of data to improve our driving experience. Indeed thanks to telematics car ownership become easier to manage.

With the evolution of the internet of things (IoT). and the connected cars, you are now able to accomplish things that were previously impossible. Tracking your journey, playing music through wifi, turning on the heater before to take your car during the cold morning of winter, control your fuel cost… Everything becomes easier to achieve thanks to your mobile phone or tablet used as a universal remote. The telematics box (black box) is the devices which allow to your car to be continually connected to your phone.

Driving optimisation

The vehicle started to use telematics years ago. Thanks to GPS devices you already can monitors vehicle localisation and speed. The telematics devices analyse all the aspect of your car to gives you input on your usage. Thanks to the data management app of your car or telematics providers, you get notifications in real time on your smartphone. Users are now able to see the technical issue of their car such as low battery, car headlight issues, oil leak - See the connected interface of Tesla Model S.

Besides user will as well received some recommendation to fix this issue: where is the closest gas station, manage a meeting with a garage owner, put the battery in charge for the night... The time where you can miss the annual family dinner because you don't have any more battery in your car to switch it on is gone.

Better safety and security

When you park your vehicle on the street anybody is here to keep an eye on it. False! Even when your car is off the black box devices keep taking care of it. If someone is reversing your vehicle, you get notified straight away. Someone stole it - or you just forgot where you are park track its localisation with the smart app.

Many accidents happen every day, and all this data can be used to highlight risky area in your city. Dangerous intersection, unsafe car park, traffic light defective…. More than just making the driver more aware of the danger around him, sharing this information with transportation department could pinpoint area needing improvement. On the other hand, drivers can as well track their own level of risk and safety based on the speeding, harsh braking, acceleration or seat belt use.

Use as a co-driver to track your journey the telematics technology can make users more conscious when they are on the wheel. Car accident happens few miles away or just a simple slow down you are immediately notified.

According to a survey made in the UK by LeasePlan the use of in-vehicle telematics could significantly alter and improve driver behaviour. Indeed in UK 38% of drivers stated that telematics would change their behaviour. Key figures within this finding are that 14% stated that they would drive more cautiously, 7% stated that they would drive more slowly and 17% said that they would pay more attention to fuel consumption

A new wave of car insurance

The car insurance model hasn't changed in a decade. But with telematics, connected and driverless cars the industry is ultimately moving. Consumers today expect seamless experiences that are tailored to their needs, as shown by the popularity of the mobile-first services that have already transformed the way we order taxis and takeaway deliveries and are beginning to reshape personal finance.

Insurance app like Just Miles's. one aims to make car ownership more straightforward to manage than ever. The app provides itemised bills that update in real-time, and access to support for everything from mechanical advice to aid in case of theft or an accident. As well as offering customers useful reminders for MOT or road tax anniversaries, the app can also help detect faults in the car and proactively suggest solutions as seen bellow. Focus on safety and security of their user insurance aimed to become much more proactive with a wild range of services thanks to the digital.

One of the significant change notified is the metrics used. You are now able to track your journey, and insurance starts to cover you according to the trip you made. It is the rise of the pay-per-miles offers. As a result, car owners driving fewer miles than the national average are effectively subsidising the insurance costs for higher mileage drivers. Pay-per-mile insurance fits in perfectly with today's modern, car ownership lifestyle.